Faced with this problem, SCHAFER has proposed to be the first company to carry out real monitoring, through its own monitoring center that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with CONTROLLERS WHO ARE PERMANENTLY MONITORING their premises through cameras and ready to carry out a preventive reaction procedure before any event.

In this way we seek to help our clients achieve the desired peace of mind and security.
Although surveillance cameras can act as a criminal record capturer, SCHAFER’s idea is the PREVENTION of events. It is for this reason that our system is based on the possibility of dissuading by different means and avoiding unwanted events.


We detect and analyze motion anomalies in security cameras. This allows us not only to anticipate, but also to react in real time and anticipate events with our remote assistance.


The OpenShafer Country is an access control software that allows the registration of both the owners and the services, optimized for the entry of the construction personnel and for the owners’ access online to generate authorizations and see who visited them, both guests and construction personnel. It is ideal to replace manual locker, allowing ART and insurance control as well as all kinds of reports.