We detect and analyze motion anomalies in security cameras. This allows us not only to anticipate, but also to react in real time and anticipate events with our remote assistance.

We detect

Through Video-Verification of perimeter cameras with Analytical video, possible situations of threats to property or its assets are detected.

We analyze it

Through the use of highly trained human resources that manage the video security system, the fact is verified, if the people detected by analytical video have criminal conflicts or break into private property,

We proceed

Acting accordingly with the video analysis, if necessary alerting the competent public authorities and communicating with the defined contacts.

NOTE: The client must provide the means of data transmission (internet) between the system to be monitored and the Argentine Operating Base. It must respect the minimum guidelines required by the Company.

The result

The idea of SCHAFER is to monitor the perimeter of the property, to become aware of the future / probable criminal act in advance, being able to distinguish through the true intrusions, discarding any false alarm, to achieve in this way not to disturb or frighten the user without need.-