The OpenShafer Country is an access control software that allows the registration of both the owners and the services, optimized for the entry of the construction personnel and for the access of the owners online to generate authorizations and see who visited them, both invited as construction personnel. It is ideal to replace manual keeling, allowing ART and insurance control in addition to all kinds of reports

The system will allow the following
functions namely:

• Control up to 255 GV-DVR LPR and / or GV-DSP LPR

• Control up to 255 GV-DVR LPR and / or GV-DSP LPR

• Support up to 40,000 vehicles

• Support one user with multiple vehicles

• Support the import / export of vehicle data in Access or Excel format.

• Enroll vehicles and configure in GV-Asmanager GV-DVR LPR or GV-DSP LPR remotely.

• Remotely search for detected vehicles, view license plate snapshots, view recorded videos removed from GV-DVR LPR or GV-DSP LPR.

Technical description

GV-LPR will recognize video license plates and send recognized results to the GV-Asmanager software to authorize access when they find matching vehicle license plates registered in the GV-Asmanager database. It will also support alert notification and result video playback.