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SCHAFER was born from the need to find a simple, preventive and accessible security system. At present, investments are being made in installing security systems with cameras that fail to fulfill the objective of preventing, but rather archive events. Many times it is decided to opt for this due to the impossibility of facing the cost of having physical guard (people) in the place, or the distrust that this generates. And the most important thing is that criminal acts on properties do not stop and continue to grow year after year.

What we do


Safety prevention
Analytical video

We detect and analyze motion anomalies in security cameras. This allows us not only to anticipate, but also to react in real time and anticipate events with our remote assistance.


Detection software
and patent identification

The OpenShafer Country is an access control software
that allows the registration of both the owners and the services, optimized for the entry of the construction personnel and for the owners’ access online to generate authorizations and see who visited them, both guests and construction personnel. It is ideal to replace manual locker, allowing ART and insurance control as well as all kinds of reports.


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